Welcome to the CFAR Alumni European rEUnion 2021! After having to cancel in 2020 due to COVID-19, we are confident that we can make the rEUnion happen this year! See the details below, especially regarding our COVID-19 policy.

The situation in the Czech Republic is quite stable now, our rolling average number of cases per day per 100k people is 2.1 which is considered „yellow“ but very close to „green“ in the Path to Zero metrics. There is still significant testing going on, with our positivity rate at about 1.5% which is considered very good.

We think spending time in Prague would be a rather low risk for you, especially if you have been vaccinated recently (April and later). We do expect our numbers to go up, as schools have just reopened (with massive testing, masks, and other measures) on September 1st. However, we don’t expect a huge change that would prevent us from having the event. We may decide to do rapid testing for all participants on-site before arrival. 

We require vaccination for participants with the exception of children which we will require to be tested prior to arrival. Given this policy, we consider the rEUnion to be overall very safe, and at this time we do not plan to require masks or social distancing at the event (unless there are some unexpected changes, possibly a new variant, etc.) We think there is value in engaging with people in person and given the current data regarding vaccinations, reinfections, long covid, etc. we think doing the event in person without major restrictions is worth the risk. If you are not comfortable with this, please reach out to me and we can see if there is something we can do to make you more comfortable. Otherwise, we would recommend that you do not attend the event if you would be uncomfortable or not feel safe. We cannot guarantee that there will be zero covid in our bubble.

You can keep track of the situation here or here.

There are currently still restrictions on travel to the Czech Republic. If you are fully vaccinated, you can travel to the Czech Republic from the US and the UK, as long as you fill out a form and take a test within 72 hours of arrival. You will also need to explain why you are coming here – we are happy to provide you with a formal invitation letter for the event. If you need one, please contact Paya. Since the US and the UK are already at the 2nd highest alert ranking, we don’t expect this to change until the event (the highest ranking is only for a few select countries, like Tanzania, Brazil, Peru, Nepal). Even during their worst outbreaks, the US and the UK have never made it to the highest alert category, so it is unlikely the restrictions would change for the worst.

If you are coming from the EU and are fully vaccinated, you don’t need anything else, just to fill out the form.

For other coubtries, use this site to figure out the current restrictions for your country. Let us know if you would like help figuring this out for your situation.

Schedule and activities
Other useful info
Code of conduct
COVID policy


The reunion is an opportunity to engage with and develop new rationality techniques, meet people from different workshops, conspire, give talks, and get outdoors.

The Alumni Reunion is an unconference – a chance for CFAR alumni (and their families) to practice their agency and showcase and explore what they’re developing and excited about. We will help coordinate some of the activities but it is up to you what you organize and what you participate in.

Activities that will likely happen during the weekend:

  • Updates to CFAR’s core curriculum
  • Meeting very cool people
  • Talks, workshops, discussions
  • Pair debugging
  • Sports activities such as yoga, petanque, sport climbing, disk golf, table tennis, and a high ropes course
  • Hikes and walks in nearby woods

And much more!

Get your ticket by registering here.

Czech out who is coming and add your own face with a name here.


Sporthotel Kacov [kaa-ts-off]

Kácov 307
285 09 Kácov

Map of the camp

Based on last year’s feedback, we have chosen a new venue which is a much better fit for our needs – has more rooms for activities, lots of opportunities for being outdoors, higher capacity and is more understanding of our quirks.

It is also much closer to Prague and more convenient for travel. We will provide a bus from the center of Prague which will get there in 45 minutes.


There are 2 types of accommodations – hotel and cabins.


Regular hotel rooms with two beds (all can be arranged as a queen or as two single beds), small desk, TV, and en-suite bathroom. Rooms are located in the main building which contains many of our activity rooms and may sometimes be noisy – both as activities will be happening there and also people will be likely walking and talking on corridors.

Ideal for: couples, those who will be more social and stay up longer, people with movement restrictions.

The internet will be the strongest and fastest in the hotel.


Have 1-2 rooms upstairs for 2-3 people each, downstairs has a small couch, fireplace, kitchen with a microwave, kettle and a fridge, bathroom.

Ideal for: people who want to have access to and prepare their own meals, families and larger groups of friends who want to stay close to each other, people who wish to have a quieter place to themselves, people going to bed early.

They are a bit spread out so you should be comfortable walking around from the cabin to the main building (~50-120m depending on the cabin).

Most cabins are not covered by the hotel internet signal. We will set up routers in the cabins so that there is some internet in the cabins but it will not be as fast and we would prefer that people do not stream or download large amounts of data.

Some cabins have a bunk bed in the common area.

We will provide all meals during the weekend based on your preferences (you can specify this in the registration form). We are generally able to accommodate vegans, vegetarians, omnivores, and gluten-free diets. If you have special allergies or needs regarding food, let us know in the registration form so we can make arrangements with the venue.

Schedule and activities

The rEUnion will begin with dinner at 6 pm on Friday, September 24, and conclude on Monday, September 27, after breakfast at 9 am

While the rEUnion is still a bit far away, you may already have ideas for activities you would like to lead. You can tentatively let us know in the registration form, we will ask for more detailed proposals in August.

Tickets and eligibility

All adult humans attending need a ticket. You get a ticket by registering and making a payment. Children and pets don’t need tickets but please let us know if you are bringing any so we can make sure we have special tiny beds and eating chairs for them.

This year we have received a lot of questions regarding “the plus one” rule – who can be a plus one, how strict is it, what it means to bring a plus one, etc. After some deliberation, here is what we have decided for this year: 

We leave it at your discretion who you bring as your plus one. It doesn’t need to be your spouse, it can be whoever you want to bring, but we rely on your judgment to bring people who you think will fit in well with the community and the overall culture of the event. Ideally, you’ll think it is likely that they would have a positive experience at the event and would also likely positively contribute to other people’s experiences. They should understand what this event is (a community event for those who value rationality, an opportunity to share things you are excited about with like-minded people) and what it is not (a networking event). The person that you invite to join you, should be able to rely on you for context and information, and overall support in their experience of the event.

If you would like to attend but are not an alum and do not currently have an alum who would be able to bring you as their +1, please reach out to me and I will see if we can match you with someone.

The cost for one person is 200 EUR. If paying this much would prevent you from going, you can pay a smaller amount, appropriate for your financial situation. If you want to pay more it will help us offset those that cannot pay the full price.

If you already purchased a ticket last year, your spot is safe with us, but it would be more convenient for us if you registered again, just so that we have your updated information. You obviously do not need to make another payment.

The ticket includes:

  • Accommodation for three nights in rooms of 1-4 people each with en-suite bathroom. Cabins have their bathroom downstairs but there are at most 6 people staying in each cabin.
  • A bus transporting you to the venue from Prague city center and back to either Prague or the airport.
  • All meals, snacks, and drinks from Friday afternoon to Monday morning.
  • All activities such as minigolf, pool, volleyball, basketball, high ropes course.

If your plans change, we will fully refund your ticket up to August 15, 2021. After this date, we will likely incur costs with cancelations so we will consider later refunds on a case by case basis.


There will be 2 buses which will leave the Dharmasala tearoom at 3 pm and 4 pm respectively on Friday and will take you to the venue (ETA 4 and 5 pm respectively). Dharmasala is a tearoom in an adjacent space to Epistea community/coworking space. You may find that people use the names Dharmasala and Epistea interchangeably. If you arrive early you can leave your luggage and hang out with the other participants there.

Plan your travel with regards to these departures. If you cannot make the last bus at 4pm, let us know and we can help you arrange your own transportation and/or match you with people in the same situation.

The bus will leave the venue at 9 am on Monday and take you back to Epistea Lab. We should be back there at 10 am. It will then continue to the airport if you have an early flight. It will be there at 11 am at the latest.

If you need to be flexible and independent, it may be worth renting a car at the airport. In our experience, it will cost about 140 euros for three days, including gas there and back which is a pretty good price for groups of 4-5 people. 

If you have a place in your car, please offer it here.

If you plan to arrive several days before or stay longer after the event, let us know – we can arrange a couchsurfing with a local host from the EA/Rationality community. There will also be other events of interest happening in the proximity of the rEUnion. We will share the details as soon as we have them.


If you want to become a part of CFAR rEUnion 2021, fill out the application form.


After we receive your application we will send you a confirmation email with a payment gateway. The cost for one person is 200 EUR. If paying this much would prevent you from going, you can pay a lower amount, appropriate for your financial situation. If you are in a position to pay a bit more, it will help us offset those that cannot pay the full price.

Other useful info

Welcome to central European late summer! The late summer months bring the warmest weather with high temperatures around 21 to 23°C, but also a bit more rain. Here is the current forecast for Kácov.

By far the best resource for learning about Prague and getting recommendations for what to do is this YouTube channel.

Code of conduct

We want the rEUnion to be a safe and enjoyable environment for all the participants and we hope that you can help us make that happen! First and foremost we want to encourage everyone to prioritize their own experience, protect their boundaries, and their own wellbeing. 

When engaging with other participants we ask that you:

  • Respect the boundaries of other attendees.
  • Respect confidentiality requests by participants.
  • Look out for one another.

We also ask that you do NOT:

  • Harass or make offensive verbal comments, express hate speech or sexually harass anyone, including unwelcome sexual attention and inappropriate physical contact.

When in doubt, always ask. Consent is cool!

If you find yourself in an uncomfortable or threatening situation, ask any of the organizers for help.

COVID-19 policy

It is always possible that the COVID-19 situation gets worse in which case we may need to make the event smaller or cancel it entirely. We will keep you updated if this becomes a possibility and fully refund you in that case.

In order to participate in the rEUnion, we will require that you are either fully vaccinated or tested to our standards.

For vaccination, we ask that on September 24 it has been at least 14 days since your final COVID-19 vaccination. We will recognize all vaccines authorized for use in the EU: Comirnaty (AKA Pfizer), Spikevax (formerly Moderna), Vaxzevria (formerly AstraZeneca), Janssen. You will need to demonstrate this by having either the official EU COVID pass or another official document from your country which has this information (in English).

We strongly prefer that our participants are fully vaccinated but we will also accept a negative result of a PCR test, taken no earlier than on Wednesday, September 22, 6pm. If you want to get tested upon arrival, we can help direct you to a local testing site. The test costs about 32 EUR.

If you are bringing children, we will contact you and figure out an appropriate testing policy for your child and your specific situation.

Your vaccination status and your test results will be treated as confidential information and will only be disclosed to organizers Paya Mutinská, and Irena Kotíková, who will not share this information with anyone else.