How did the current pandemic affect your day-to-day operations? 
In the last couple of years our main focus was on running local and international events and due to the pandemic we unfortunately had to pause all of these activities. As an upside, It gave us more space to think about our strategy and look for new opportunities. We used this time to redesign our coworking space, improve our processes and some of us took part in projects dedicated to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. (
We hope that during 2021 we will be able to go back to organizing (the best) events again.

I plan to visit Czechia, how can I get in touch with you?
A good first step is to either send us an email or post in our FB group. There are many people happy to offer a couch or just have a cup of coffee (or tea) with fellow EAs from all around the world. 

You can also meet us at one of our community events in Prague and Brno or come and meet us in our coworking space in Prague.

All of our community events are in our calendar or on Facebook.

What projects are you working on?
In the long term, we focus on several areas that we have identified in our strategy. In recent years, it has been mainly organizing events, research initiatives in longtermism, community building of EA in the Czech Republic and developing new projects in applied rationality. You can find more about individual projects here

When was CZEA founded?
The Czech Association for Effective Altruism was founded in August of 2016 by a couple of enthusiasts interested in effective altruism. Since then, we as an organization have come a long way. You can read more about our early history here.

How is CZEA financed?
Since 2018 we have been supported by the Community Building Grant from CEA. Additionally, many of our projects received independent funding from EA Funds. We also receive individual contributions from our supporters. If you would like to become a supporter, you can make a donation here.

What next?
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