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Human-aligned AI Summer School (August 2018, August 2019)

This school aims at effective know-how transfer between senior researchers and master and PhD students beginning with their AI Safety research. Focus of first year was “learning from humans”, including subtopics such as inverse reinforcement learning, modeling bounded rational agents and latest trends in AI alignment research.

In 2018 it numbered 45 participants and lasted 4 days with 7 speakers coming from FHI, DeepMind, MIRI, CHAI and other institutions.

In 2019 there were approximately 50 participants and 8 speakers from organizations like FHI, CSER, MIRI, DeepMind, OpenAI and CHAI. The theme was “optimization and decision making,” including subtopics such as understanding agent incentives, open-source game theory, and boundaries between game theory and machine learning. The latest trends in AI alignment research and broader framings of AI alignment research were also covered. The format remained very similar to 2018.

The school is run under the auspices of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University and CTS, Czech Academy of Sciences. Here is an article from one of participants.
The second year received funding from the Long Term Future Fund in
 a very competitive funding roundOfficial website

AI Safety Research Program – AISRP (November 2019-March 2020)

The AI Safety Research Program was a four-month-long project bringing together talented students and junior researchers with a deep interest in long-term AI safety research, aiming together to create a creative and inspiring research environment, help prospective alignment researchers work on AI safety research problems, gain a better understanding of the AI alignment field, improve their research skills, and bring them closer to the existing research community.

Read more about the project here

AI Safety Camp (Oct 2018, Oct 2019)

This project focuses on helping new AI safety researchers start with their research. In 2018 the CZEA helped to organize AISC2 in the Czech Republic and in 2019 some of our members participated on operations and programme selection for AISC3 in Spain.

Official website


CFAR workshops (Sep 2017, Sep 2018, Sep 2019)

The CZEA team has been running the operations of CFAR mainline and mentorship workshops near Prague for the past three years. 

CFAR Alumni Reunion (Mar 2019)

We organized the first CFAR alumni reunion in Europe. Within this informal meeting, the past CFAR participants are invited to spend a weekend together with the idea of sharing experience and possibilities of applying rationality in their life.

CEA Community Building Retreat (Aug 2018)

Our team took care of operations for CEA Community Building Retreat in Prague, which aimed at discussing community building possibilities.

CFAR@FHI (Dec 2018)

In December 2018 we were invited to help out with operations for CFAR workshop for research scholars at FHI in Oxford.


Effective Thesis

This project is run by David Janku and helps students with choosing their thesis topic. It aims to helping students pick a research topic have potential to greatly improve the world.

Description on EA Forum. Official websiteEfektivní diplomka

EA in Czech Republic

EA Retreat (Mar & Nov 2018, Dec 2019)

A weekend retreat that aims at enabling CZEA members to meet with many other Czech EAs and quickly gain knowledge and motivation for their futher work. This model has been an inspiration for several EA retreats (in Netherlands and elsewhere). First iteration was described in this article on EA Forum

Reading groups (long term)

We organize reading groups on a regular basis, focusing on AI safety and animal welfare and we are preparing new reading groups about other topics.

EAGxPrague (Dec 2016)

The first project ever organized by CZEA aiming at kickstarting Czech EA community. In one day 140 attendees met with 9 speakers mostly from existing EA organizations. The recordings are available.

EA-themed lectures and meetups

Besides specific events mentioned above we are organizing regular public meetups (at least one weekly) with topics from both EA and rationality. There is a strong overlap between Czech Rationality/LessWrong and EA communities.


Help effectively (2017)

The project tried to measure effectivenes of some Czech NGOs and to consult them about impact measurements. The project is currently over, however, part of the team follows by activities for another NGO Czech Priorities.

Epistea Space

The CZEA runs a co-working space in Prague, Karlín, which is open to all current and potential members of EA community. You are kindly invited to join us on regular lectures and meetings (see bellow). Besides, this space serves as a co-working office open every day. You are most likely to meet someone here on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. More information in Czech.

If you find yourself in Prague, feel free to get in touch with us to share a cup of tea.

Address is Peckova 15, Praha 8, 186 00. Map.