ZRUŠENO: AI and Democracy Hackathon: Demonstrating the Risks (3.5.–6.5. 2024)

Pátek, 3. května
Fixed Point

Vojtěch Brynych, Alžběta Kubitová

Pro nedostatek přihlášených akci rušíme.

🌏 Join us to evaluate and mitigate societal challenges from AI
Despite the many potential benefits of the technology (such as equalizing opportunity, creating wealth, and improving coordination), we are also facing significant risks from AI.

Together, we will be hacking away to demonstrate and mitigate the challenges that arise in the meeting between AI and democracy, while trying to project these risks into the future.

Sign up here to join us for a weekend where we’ll hear from experts in technical AI governance and collaborate in teams to identify, evaluate, and propose solutions to key challenges at the intersection of AI and democracy.

This will be a fit for you if you are an AI safety researcher, policymaker, ethicist, legal expert, political scientist, or a cybersecurity professional. We also invite students who are aiming to work on AI safety and governance.

Speakers and more information about the global event can be found here: https://www.apartresearch.com/event/ai-democracy

If you are interested in the topic but cannot attend due to time constraints, leave us your contact details and we will get back to you with other opportunities (events, discussions, lectures, projects): https://forms.gle/jqVaFWPhcPZmiFFy8