EAG Summer cinema #2

Pondělí, 7. srpna 2023
18:00 - 21:00
Koperníkova 6, 120 00 Praha, Česká Republika

Vojtech Brynych

Most of the summer Mondays (31st July, 7th August, 14th August and 28th August), we will regularly meet at 18:00 for screenings and discussions of lectures from EA Globals 2023. EAG is the main conference for effective altruists, and the lectures cover the most current topics and trends. We have chosen mostly AI topics for our summer cinema.
The recordings will be played in English with English subtitles.
After each lecture, there will be time for discussion. During the evening, we will cover either one or two recordings, depending on the situation. (For those who find the program with two videos too long, you can, of course, participate in only the first part of the program.)
Preliminary schedule:
31. 7.
Shaping humanity’s longterm trajectory | Toby Ord 54 min
Catastrophic risks from unsafe AI | Ben Garfinkel 46 min
7. 8.
Safety evaluations and standards for AI | Beth Barnes 32 min
Preventing State Bioweapons Development & Use: Shaping Intentions | Jaime Yassif 50 min
14. 8.
Modelling the future of AI | Jaime Sevilla 53 min
Paradigms of AI alignment: components and enablers | Victoria Krakovna 55 min
28. 8.
Mistakes were made? A critical look at how EA approached AI safety | David Krueger 56 min
Alignment In Natural & Artificial Intelligence: Research Avenues | Nora Ammann 57 min
We are looking forward to meeting you 🙂