The Estimation Game #3

Úterý, 25. dubna 2023
Fixed Point

Martin Hrádela

Come join us to estimate ‚How many eggs were on the Titanic‘ and other fun questions. Our team Placed 15th out of more than 200 last time, so the bar is set high! 💪

Fermi’s estimates can be very imprecise (we’re not trying to say they’re not), but if we have minimal information and our uncertainty is large, it’s better than nothing. Even a quick, simple, and rough estimate that can hit at least an order of magnitude can help reduce uncertainty and ignorance and can be worked with in decision-making.

Quantified Intuitions organizes a fun quiz competition between EA groups globally by answering Fermi estimation questions on your phones. Test your skills on a range of questions and track your progress on a real-time global leaderboard. Form your team and let’s see who comes out on top!

What Lukáš Hána writes about Fermi estimates and why they are important:

Link to the event on Facebook: