What is it like to work in AI (safety)

Středa, 6. prosince 2023
Koperníkova 6, 120 00 Praha, Česká Republika

Vojtěch Brynych / Hana Kalivodová

Artificial intelligence may be a game changer in future development. What is it like to work in the field and what is the community around it like? What opportunities are out there and how is it like to pursue them?
Join us for an informal (panel) discussion with AI students and researchers:
  • Felix Harder: Researcher from Germany working on AI alignment: ideas within the Learning-Theoretic Agenda (Infra-Bayesianism). He participated in the SERI MATS program.
  • Nicky Pochinkov: Researcher from Ireland working on AI Safety: making models more understandable via Modularity, as well as improving the understanding of how goals might be represented within AI models.
  • (Sadly, Sofia cannot make it any more) Sofia Bukovska: Art Manager bridging art and tech. Cultural and tech diplomacy. Host of AIRT events in Silicon Valley.