About us

The Czech Association for Effective Altruism was founded in August 2016.

We are both an EA organization and an EA community. As an organization we organize projects, do research and organize events. As a community we meet, discuss and learn about Effective Altruism and support each other in our aspirations to do the most good.

We are supported by a Community Building Grant from the Center for Effective Altruism and individual donors. See our history in this article on the EA Forum or read frequently asked questions about our organization.

If you are curious about why we do what we do and want to understand our thinking, you can read our Strategy. An overview of our activities can be found in our Annual Report.

We are always interested in making new friends, please send us a message especially if you plan to visit Prague. If you would like to support our activities financially we accept donations.

Coworking Office:
Peckova 15
Prague 180 00, Czech Republic
E: info@efektivni-altruismus.cz

Business Address:
Spolek pro efektivní altruismus
Novákových 1817/30a
Prague 180 00, Czech Republic
VAT: CZ05418704