Members of the Effective Altruism Association

We are an organization of effective altruism in the Czech Republic. The association was founded in 2016, when a group of Czech supporters of the ideas of effective altruism organized an EAGxPrague conference. Since then, the association has been growing. We currently have over 50 members and are working on many projects mostly with a European or global reach.

Hana Kalivodová - Chairwoman

Hana Kalivodová

Vojtěch Brynych - Vice-Chairman

Vojtěch Brynych

Jakub Sechter - group organizer

Jakub Sechter
group organiser

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Support the work of the Association for Effective Altruism with a financial donation. The money will help the development of effective altruism in Czechia and allow us to fund local projects.

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Society for Effective Altruism
Novákových 1817/30a
180 00, Prague Libeň

Who supported us

CEA via Community Building Grants

Timothy Telleen-Lawton

Greg Colbourn

Václav Dejčmar

Mojmir Vinkler

Michal Till

Jan Michelfeit

Michael Pokorny

Jan Barta

Arnaud Mathieu

David Horák

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