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Effective altruism is a philosophy and global community of people who strive to maximize the positive impact of their work and money. Together, we are creating a better world using our hearts and reason.

Cause prioritization

What are the world's most pressing problems? We evaluate and focus on the most important ones.

Scientific methods

We use modern scientific knowledge and make decisions based on data.

Cost Effectiveness

We look for ways to make the best use of our time and money.

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    Effective Altruism in Czechia


    Introductory seminar

    Sign up for an 8-week seminar based on the proven program of effective altruists from Stanford University.

    September 2023

    AI safety seminar

    How can we ensure that future AI systems transform the world for the better, and not the other way around? What are the biggest risks? In this seminar, you will read texts covering current basic knowledge and approaches.

    September 2023


    Job opportunities

    A current list of job opportunities in the Czech and global ecosystem of effectively altruistic organizations.

    Career seminar

    Apply to our program where we can help you find a career where you can have the biggest positive impact on the world.

    Introductory meeting

    Monday 2 December 19:00 - 21:00
    Fixed point Prague     Zoom     Czech

    Want to learn more about effective altruism? We'll explain the basic principles and help you start on the path to effective impact in the world.


    AI Safety Problems: Intro & Panel Discussion

    Wednesday 2 December 19:30 - 21:00
    Fixed point Prague     Zoom     English

    How reinforcement learning actually works? 👉 How a lack of curiosity can cause AIs to fail to be able to do basic things? 👉 Why it's good for agents to be uncertain.
    AI safety


    Pomáhej kariérou

    V rámci projektu Pomáhej kariérou nabízíme jednorázové nebo pravidelná setkání, při kterých se zaměříme na pokrok ve vašich cílech ohledně kariéry nebo jiného uplatnění.


    O efektivní filantropii s Rutgerem Bregmanem

    Spisovatel Rutger Bregman hovoří s německou organizací Effektiv Spenden o své zkušenosti s filantropií.


    William MacAskill – Dobré úmysly nestačí

    Napsali jsme recenzi na knihu o tom, jak smysluplně pomáhat díky efektivnímu altruismu.